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The conference registration will occur at the Hotel El Diplomático, from 12:00-4:00 pm on Sunday, 22 June. Buses will leave the hotel at 4:30 pm to proceed to the opening reception at a nearby venue. On Monday, 23 June registration will be open at the Library Complex Amoxcalli on the UNAM campus, starting at 8:00 am. Please bring your presentation (PDF or Powerpoint only, must run on Windows PC) with you to the registration on Monday, 23 June, so we may load it onto the conference computers.

At registration check-in all participants will receive the conference program, abstracts, maps and additional information. Please wear your name badge to all Mollusca 2014 events. There will also be a travel agent available during the meeting for planning a trip during our fieldtrip day.

Registration fees (all prices in Mexican pesos – currently about 13 pesos per $1 US):

Full registration (member in host society, before 31 March 2014).................................... 3,400

Full registration (non-member, before 31 March 2014)..................................................... 3,700

Late registration (members and non-members, after 31 March 2014)............................... 3,800

Student registration (member in host society, before 31 March 2014).............................. 1,250

Late student registration (members and non-members, after 31 March 2014).................. 1,600

Social events only for partner/family of registrants (including dinner)............................. 1,000

Fees include the opening reception, registration, conference program, abstract book, snacks and coffee at breaks, daily buses to the conference, the congress dinner, and other social events.

To assist in making payment in Mexican pesos we have set up a PayPal account for the meeting. This is a safe and secure way to make payments. Paypal will deduct funds from your checking account to the Mollusca 2014 conference and automatically convert from your currency ($US, €, etc.) to pesos. It is easiest to set up a PayPal account first to use this service (www.paypal.com).  It is also possible (but expensive) to make a direct bank transfer from your bank to the Mollusca 2014 conference banking account. Please contact Paul Valentich-Scott, AMS President (pvscott@sbnature2.org), if you would like details on completing a bank transfer.
Travel Information

Mexico City is a major international airline hub, accessible from almost any major airport in the world. Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) is modern and efficient. The commentary below is abstracted from www.tripadvisor.com, and provides much useful information.

International visitors will be given an arrivals card (FMT) and a customs form on board their flight. Once in the terminal, go to the correct immigration area. There are two separate areas: one for arrivals from North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, and the other for arrivals from the Caribbean and Latin America. Present your FMT with your passport. Be sure to keep the portion of the FMT the officer returns to you as you will need to present this on departure and will be fined if you don't have it.

Once you have collected your bags, hand over your customs form and then place your bags in the x-ray machine and press the button indicated: a green light means you can go straight through to the arrivals hall, a red light will entail a visual inspection of your bags. In the arrivals hall, there are plenty of ATMs and exchange booths issuing pesos cash. In Terminal 1, baggage carts are free and cannot be taken past the Arrivals Hall, but there are plenty of porters available. In Terminal 2, there is a nominal fee for a baggage cart and it can be taken to the taxi rank or parking lot.
Authorized Airport Taxis companies: Nueva ImagenPorto Taxi, Yellow Cab Aeropuerto, Sitio 300, Comfort. HOWEVER, the people at the booth will often try to sell you a more expensive ticket (normally, for a large van). DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. Say you want a sedán (SAY-DAN) and any of the above taxis to Hotel El Diplomático (Zone 5) should be UNDER 300 Mexican pesos. Hotels that are further than Zone 5, will cost more. We recommend that you print out the address of the El Diplomático Hotel (Insurgentes Sur 1105, Colonia Nochebuena, Ciudad de México, C.P. 03720), and hand it to one of the taxis above.